Our Customized Services

Explore our versatile capabilities and let us work together to bring your projects to life.

Expert Planning and Design

TECHNOBOXX Planung und Konstruktion von Experten
  • We assist you in the manufacturing-oriented planning and design of machinery and components, from concept to finished product.
  • We revise existing machine concepts and optimize them for improved manufacturing and/or assembly.
  • We support you with the creation of drawing derivations for manufacturing and/or assembly.
  • We conduct measurements for old but in-use plant components and create new detailed drawings. For particularly large facilities, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to scan your plants in 3D.

In collaboration with our partners, we can expand our range of services to include:

  • FEM calculations
  • Certified structural analyses
  • Reinforcement planning

Manufacturing and Assembly

Our expertise encompasses the processing of carbon steels, special steels, and aluminum—a spectrum of capabilities not mastered by everyone. We act as a reliable partner, expanding your capacities during peak loads and providing strong support for small and medium series as well as prototype construction. An additional highlight is our ability to have welding work inspected by our in-house laboratory, further optimizing our quality assurance.

We process carbon steels, special steels, and aluminum using the following methods:

  • Water jet cutting
  • Bending / Folding
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Rolling

We have experience in:

  • Tank construction, including pressure vessels
  • Pipeline construction
  • Hall construction
  • General steel construction (frameworks, rotating platforms, work platforms)


Inspections at Our Facility

Send us your machinery or plant components, and we’ll take care of the rest. From inspecting for damages and wear to identifying repair or replacement requirements, we also handle the procurement of necessary spare and wear parts.

Dismantling is followed by a thorough inspection oft he components. Our inspection services are diverse and include machinery such as pulpers, screw presses, sieves, pumps (including centrifugal, eccentric screw, and rotary lobe pumps), separation systems for tunnel construction, and centrifuges.

On-Site Service

Our inspection and maintenance services also extend to your premises. We thoroughly check the components and determine whether repairs or replacements are necessary. If on-site repair is not feasible, we offer dismantling and repair services to ensure that your plants and components function flawlessly once again.


Solutions / Products

Conveying Technology

  • Conveyor baskets
  • Tipping devices

For the Steel Industry

  • Immersion tubes in all common formats

For Wastewater Treatment Technology

  • Aeration pipes
  • Pulping machines / scrapers for circular thickeners of all kinds


  • Portals for water jet cutting systems
  • Modular basins in various widths and lengths