For over three decades, we have been synonymous with quality, innovation, and tailored solutions. Discover how our passion for excellence has made us your reliable partner in realizing even the most complex projects.

Ralf Warkotsch

Ralf Warkotsch

A Vision, a Toolbox, and the Path to Manufacturing Excellence

Our story begins in 1988 with a man, a vision, and a toolbox full of possibilities.

Though the name was not yet established, Mr. Warkotsch embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. Starting with tool rental, the company quickly evolved, soon focusing on the manufacturing of steel products and later on the production of technical enclosures for industry.

TECHNOBOXX was born. Specializing in the processing of carbon steel, special steel, and aluminum, the company—and consequently, the machinery park—continuously evolved. The next logical step was the evolution into robot-assisted manufacturing.

Today, we are specialists in the production of small and medium series of both small and large products from various metallic materials for industry.

With a clear vision and a positive attitude, anything is possible. This has been and remains our conviction to this day. At TECHNOBOXX, we work every day to realize this vision and shape the future of manufacturing technology with innovation, quality, and commitment.

With our many years of experience, technical expertise, and a high level of reliability, we aim to provide you with high-quality solutions for your requirements and thus earn your trust as a long-term partner. Welcome to TECHNOBOXX—where your visions become reality.

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TECHNOBOXX – Behind Our Name Stands a Strong Team

The cornerstone of our expertise is our diverse team of skilled professionals. A motivated and collaborative team, working hand in hand to achieve the best results for our customers every day.

Our Values


Together for Strong Partnerships

Trust is the basis of long-term partnerships and crucial for building strong, reliable relationships. Together with our employees, partners, and customers, we cultivate an environment based on collaboration, openness, and respect.


For Humanity and Nature

Responsibility to us means making the best possible decisions every day, based on long-term benefit for all. At our company, we consider responsibility a central cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and passionately strive to make a positive contribution to a sustainable future.


Thinking Ahead

For us, sustainability means much more than just environmental protection. We consider responsible actions as an important contribution to preserving jobs in the region and creating new employment opportunities. In addition to the factors mentioned, we view the education of young people as one of the central aspects of sustainable practices.

Environmental Awareness

Thinking Ahead Then and Now

Even before the construction of our new site many years ago, we were committed to living sustainably. Even though it was quite unconventional at the time, we opted for underfloor heating in all buildings. Why underfloor heating?

The even distribution of radiant heat from the bottom to the top minimizes the accumulation of warm air in the upper ceiling area. The low flow temperature and long lifespan of the industrial floor heating result in very low investment, maintenance, and operating costs. Furthermore, unlike conventional air heating systems, no dust is stirred up in the room. This is particularly advantageous for employees with asthma or allergies. Overall, it creates a pleasant, comfortable, and healthy indoor environment that promotes a positive working atmosphere.

In winter, hot water is provided by a wood pellet heating system. In summer or during months with ample sunlight, we strive to operate without heating entirely. This is not always possible, as our energy-intensive production area uses the 70 kW solar system. Following the motto “Sun welds steel,” the majority of energy is consumed in production. Any additional required electricity is purchased from Naturstrom XL GmbH as climate-neutral electricity.

Thinking Ahead Today

In the future, we aim to equip all other buildings with solar panels and eventually transition to a hydrogen-based heating system, allowing us to manufacture entirely autonomously and climate-neutrally.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum strong enough, and I can move the world with one hand.”

Archimedes (287 – 212 v. Chr.), greek physicist, mathematician and mechanic



Years of experience

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Quality Creates Quality

TECHNOBOXX collaborates with leading tool brands to achieve excellence in manufacturing. Our partnerships with renowned manufacturers ensure high-quality results and efficiency at every step of our process. By using top-tier tools and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to deliver precise and high-quality products. Here are some of the brands we proudly use and trust:

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